Guitar Hero is great fun multiplayer, but imagine how much more fun it'd be if it were online. Even the latest 360 version didn't have the capability, but RedOctane isn't about to let the chance slip their fingers again. According to Pro-G , RedOctane's President and Co-Founder Kai Huang confirmed that Guitar Hero III would indeed feature online play.

The third installment in the famed series is being prepared for all major platforms for winter 2007, and is currently in development by newcomer, Neversoft. Harmonix jumped ship last year and was recently snapped up by MTV, which led to their partnership with EA for the upcoming rhythm-based title, Rock Band . The game won't just include a guitar, either; they're planning on releasing numerous peripherals.

We don't know if that one will have online play, but it's good to know that Guitar Hero III will include the appropriate next-gen addition.

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