As the PS3 continues to gain steam, what with the successful European launch and several big-name titles looming on the horizon, more people are beginning to believe Sony can reacquire domination. One such person is Eidos CEO Rob Murphy, who believes the PS3 can top the Xbox 360's current installed userbase within one year.

Murphy spoke to MCV about his company's anticipation of a PS3 explosion. If the Parker Consulting statistics are correct, the 360 sits in over 8 million homes worldwide, but Murphy seems convinced the PS3 will equal or surpass that number by April of 2008.

"We have absolutely no doubt that PS3 will be a very successful platform and we’re completely behind it," said Murphy. "Ideally, we would like to have a market that is a worldwide installed base of eight to ten million PS3 units by the time we bring out our big products. But we’ll have to assess how that moves."

Sony has already addressed the loss of several popular exclusives, as they said it's merely because companies aren't currently willing to produce such a high-budget title for a platform with such a low number of users. But that will likely change, and with it, will come more support from publishers like Eidos. And indeed, that is the plan for the company, so says Murphy.

"We will have some PS3 products over the coming months, but we’re holding back our major top line products until this time next year," he continued.

Eidos is in a good position to volunteer their products for the appropriate platforms, as their parent company (SCi Group) posted excellent interim 6-month revenues ending December 31, 2006, which was £74.5 million. That's up £24.4 million in comparison to the same period from 2005. For now, Eidos is biding their time, but as you can see, they're preparing to lend their full support to the PS3.

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