Yesterday, we brought you the story of Dave Jaffe's comments concerning Sony's decision to include Blu-Ray in the PS3. He said, "I probably would have taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money."

And today, Sony has responded to those words with some of their own. But don't get all excited, mud-slinging fans, Sony clearly has a lot of respect for Jaffe – considering all the money he makes for them, they should – and they bear no ill will towards the designer. They say Jaffe "has earned the right to speak his mind on anything he wants when it comes to videogames," and issued the following full statement to GamePro :

"While we respect [Jaffe's] opinion, we feel strongly that the future of gaming lies in the ability to deliver more to the consumer — more gameplay options, more lifelike graphics, more dynamic sound — all in high definition," said Sony's Dave Karakker. "To do that, you need a storage vehicle such as the 50 GB Blu-ray disc, because your standard 9 GB DVD simply can't handle the demands of true next-generation gaming."

Besides, Jaffe also said Sony "knows more about it than he does," although that part wasn't big news yesterday. But anyway, the two sides clearly aren't annoyed with the other, so the partnership is as solid as ever.

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