Downloadable content is good. Free downloadable content…? That's much better.

While Tecmo Koei has paid DLC planned for their upcoming action extravaganza, Ninja Gaiden 3 , they intend to deliver four free pieces of extra content right off the bat. threw up some screenshots and baseline details for this freebie content; you can see all the screens over at Andriasang . The DLC includes a couple new weapons (the Eclipse Scythe, slow but with a long reach and big power, and the Moukinsou, claw weapon attached to hands and feet; wicked fast), as well as a couple new Clan Battle Stages. Both the Desert and Submarine stages will be available for use in the game's online multiplayer mode, which supports up to eight players.

We just don't know when this free content will arrive, although we assume it won't be long after the game's launch. Ninja Gaiden 3 is slated to hit Japan on May 22. Here's hoping a North American date isn't far behind.

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