If there's one person in the game industry who doesn't care about taking a risk with his words, it's God of War creator, David Jaffe. And when it comes to such a controversial subject as Sony including their newest media format, Blu-Ray, in the PS3, Jaffe is pretty straightforward with his opinion: he would've left it out.

According to a recent Bonus Round interview on GameTrailers , he says:

"I probably would have taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money."

Now, just about every Sony employee you can find is pushing the crap out of Blu-Ray, but Jaffe is apparently unconcerned about bowing to his employer. Of course, he does have a point, even though Blu-Ray is actually doing very well (through the first two months of 2007, it outsold HD-DVD by almost a 3:1 ratio). Does this mean Jaffe plans to jump ship just 'cuz he doesn't agree with Sony's decision? Nah, probably not. But most listen to Jaffe when he talks – even if he does get a touch emotional at times – and he clearly knows how to make a damn great game. That gives him some street cred, at the very least.

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