It's obviously a PC-oriented franchise and the third iteration was clearly designed first and foremost for PC, so it's probably best played on PC.

That much we know. But after a ton of evidence pointing toward a console version of Diablo III , the announcement of a new release date for the long-awaited title doesn't mention any console installment.

It may be coming at some point down the road, but here's the question- should they even bother? If it's best on PC and the vast majority of those interested would play it on the PC, is it even worth releasing the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Sometimes, exclusivity makes sense and this could be one of those times. Also, let's not forget that the last time a new Diablo title hit store shelves was in 2001, and that was only an expansion for Diablo II , which launched the year before. This leads me to another question (forgive the tangent):

Why does it take so long for games in PC-based franchises to arrive? Why? I don't understand. Eleven and a half years ? What for? Duke Nukem Forever took what, thirteen? And it sucked. Now we're hearing rumors of a new Baldurs Gate . We are talking about franchises that aren't a couple years old, they're not a generation old, they're two generations old. And in all that time, not one new entry. I just can't figure out why a game like Diablo III requires a decade of development. Maybe someone can educate me because it boggles the mind.

P.S. Legitimate question, not mockery.