With the possibility of a demo looming on the horizon, any news regarding Final Fantasy XIII is big news. And according to a GamePro scan, noticed by Forever-Fantasy.net , we have a new plot detail, plus a supposed "confirmation" on two upcoming FF projects.

The following is a quote from the scan:

"In the story, an exile from the floating kingdom of Cocoon, who has been banished to the lower world, finds herself caught up in a plot to take the sky domain down."

We believe they're referring to Lightning – pictured here – who appears to be the main character in Final Fantasy XIII . It seems another female will be taking a leading role in a FF installment; even though Vaan was technically the lead in Final Fantasy XII , Ashe played the more central role. And we're certainly liking this idea of a world of floating cities and domains.

Lastly, the scan reveals that both Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII will be released in 2008, but we have no exact date, and we can't be sure if that's an official confirmation. Perhaps Square-Enix will be prepared to release more info once the article is published.

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