Maybe this is one accessory you'll want to keep out of sight…especially if people already think you're a little tapped in the head.

Ninja Gaiden III is coming very soon and apparently, there's an unknown special edition floating around out there. It was initially spotted at Canadian retailer Video Games Plus ; as you can see, this bundle features the Dragon Sword add-on for PlayStation Move. Yup, that's a long bloody sword that can be attached to the Move controller, which can then be maniacally swung about. Make sure to give yourself some room.

We're not sure if this will only be available in Canada but it's pretty crazy. Tecmo Koei did confirm its existence to Joystiq , but it's "not 100% official." What that means is that it's probably not an official Tecmo product; i.e., possibly from a third-party. But either way, that sword is nuts . It suddenly makes us want NGIII very, very badly…

It also might make me want to move to Canada.

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