Great developers can manage to invoke great emotion…even with a mere tech demo.

Although Quantic Dream hasn't said much about their current project, they have finally unveiled a hint; it comes in the form of a tech demo entitled "Kara," and it was just recently revealed at Eurogamer . Remember, this is apparently running in real-time on the PlayStation 3.

You will see a robot being "born." Her name is Kara. She is fluent in 300 languages, can take care of your house, the kids, the pets, has an amazing singing voice, and is even at your ready disposal "as a sexual partner." But when she expresses disdain at being nothing more than a product, the operator begins to disassemble her…after all, she is obviously defective. Robots don't have such thoughts.

But at the last second, Kara exclaims that she's afraid and sheds a tear. That saves her "life," as it were. Just watch.