The PlayStation 3 has now entered its third week of sales over in Europe. Recently, we reported on Chart Track's numbers that cited the PS3's sales falling 82% following its launch in PAL-world. Well, another week brings another sales statistic to report on. The PlayStation 3 took in nearly 17,000k consoles in the United Kingdom for its third week. The Nintendo Wii fared better with 25,000 units, and the X360 sold the least with 11k.

While the PS3 was outsold by the Wii, it's not all doom and gloom as cries may have you believing. Considering the Wii's price-point, it isn't exactly out-selling the PS3 by a landslide, of any sort. At least, it's way too early to make those judgements, until sales of the PS3 level off. If if the PS3 continues to slip, and ends up selling behind the Xbox 360, then Sony should be genuinely concerened.

Otherwise, for a console with a price-tag that high in the UK, the PS3's sales are just fine. The Nintendo Wii's shipment allocation has been bumped up recently, so next week's numbers (assuming Chart Track leaks them) should paint a much clearer picture in terms of hardware sales.

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