Yes, they're releasing three new characters for the immensely popular Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure …and you might actually be able to find these.

The game that uses little plastic figurines to allow players to select new in-game characters has expanded; the only downside is you can't buy all three together. What I mean is, they're not packaged together.

According to Joystiq , the three new characters are Lightning Rod (see video below), Zook, and Sunburn. Now, Lightning Rod and Zook will be sold separately for the standard price of $7.99 each, but Sunburn will only be featured in the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, which will retail for $19.99. Lightning Rod is like a kiddie version of Zeus, apparently, Zook wields a bamboo bazooka (seriously), and Sunburn is part dragon and part phoenix…and he can teleport.

Also, don't forget that Activision will announce a new Skylanders title that is slated to arrive this fall. We're hoping that all current characters will be compatible with the new game because if they aren't, chaos could ensue.

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9 years ago

I really wish Spyro wasn't included in this game, I hate all these little additional characters there adding, there all so lame.

Why isn't Spyro thriving this gen? The first Spyro games was groundbreaking with it's open world levels. I don't see how that is now not appealing. Obviously Insominac aren't involved with Spyro anymore but that doesn't mean it should be dead, same with Crash Bandicoot. Crash Twinsanity was proof there was life after Naughty Dog it was different sure, but it was very enjoyable in it's own right.

As I have said before, I feel Ratchet & Clank destroyed the platforming genre with guns, once they influenced Jak II aswell it was over.Sonic Generations was so close, I love the 3D Sonic levels, but the rehashed level themes and 2D Sonic felt so forced. I'm waiting full 3D Sonic game without gimmicks liek the Wherehog and hope they find a way to make the game last.

9 years ago

I bought skylanders for my kids, needless to say they love it. I was really surprised though to see my wife really get in to it.
Shes been searching these things out and should be happy to hear this news.

The only draw back I see is that it seems Activision is releasing them in very few numbers making it nearly impossible to find and when you do find them (like ebay) some a-hole is trying to sell em off for a 200-300% incease. Its ok though Im sure eventually they will flood the market with them, this is Activision we are taliking about.

Last edited by Cuetes on 3/6/2012 12:27:39 PM

9 years ago

oh antivision what have you done to one of the best franchises ever released!?
hey, now that insomniac has gone MP, maybe after there done with EA they can go back to the devil and work with them on a new spyro game!
come on, give a old geezer one last wish!