Yes, they're releasing three new characters for the immensely popular Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure …and you might actually be able to find these.

The game that uses little plastic figurines to allow players to select new in-game characters has expanded; the only downside is you can't buy all three together. What I mean is, they're not packaged together.

According to Joystiq , the three new characters are Lightning Rod (see video below), Zook, and Sunburn. Now, Lightning Rod and Zook will be sold separately for the standard price of $7.99 each, but Sunburn will only be featured in the Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack, which will retail for $19.99. Lightning Rod is like a kiddie version of Zeus, apparently, Zook wields a bamboo bazooka (seriously), and Sunburn is part dragon and part phoenix…and he can teleport.

Also, don't forget that Activision will announce a new Skylanders title that is slated to arrive this fall. We're hoping that all current characters will be compatible with the new game because if they aren't, chaos could ensue.