If you're pumped for the Darksiders sequel, you'll probably want to pre-order it. Doing so will get you a "complimentary upgrade" to the Limited Edition!

Today, THQ has announced that those who drop their deposit on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC version of Darksiders II will receive a Limited Edition, which boasts some free extra content.

It includes a voucher to download Argul's Tomb, the game's first single-player downloadable content pack. But if that isn't good enough, if there just isn't enough there to pique your curiosity, you can always spring for the packed Collector's Edition: that's the Limited Edition combined with a life-sized replica Death Mask with display stand, a unique Shadow of Death armor and scythe set with amped-up statistics, a digital copy of the official soundtrack, and a hardcover art book. You can have it all for $99.99, if you're so inclined.

Just to recap, the Limited Edition will cost you nothing extra if you pre-order the game. Darksiders II is slated to release on June 26.

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9 years ago

Looking forward to seeing the upgrades but my backlog is massive and Darksiders I is in it. That will probably take forever to finish so I had better wait.

9 years ago

so cant wait to get this its looking even better then the original!
i just hope they have fixed the obscurity of the puzzles.
thats one thing that drove me insane with the original.
all games when you get to a puzzle theres clues, you walk into the room and the game has a close up of something you need to do.
darksiders though did nothing, so your wondering around a massive room playing with piece by piece till you find the right bit.
tedious would be understatement of the century!