It hasn't been officially announced yet, but this isn't the first time we've found evidence indicating a Call of Duty: Black Ops sequel.

This time it's Spanish retailer Fnac , which clearly shows "Black Ops 2" will land on retail shelves in November. If true, the title and the date won't surprise anyone.

Activision has gone so far as to confirm a new CoD installment for 2012 – again, no huge shock – but the company has yet to announce the game. It's likely that developer Treyarch is indeed working on a sequel to the record-breaking Black Ops , which released in November of 2010. Last year's Modern Warfare 3 broke those records again so it's sort of like a "oh yeah, top this " game between designers. By the way, we've had a new CoD title every year since 2003. But we're not tired yet, right? …right?

Recently, Amazon France had a listing for Black Ops 2 as well, so it seems Activision can't keep European retailers from leaking the news. But that's okay; we imagine millions will go nuts when the official reveal goes live. That'll probably be this month, by the way.