It has been a hot topic of conversation ever since the trailer debuted a few weeks ago, and now, Game Informer magazine has prepared an exclusive look at the upcoming blockbuster for their next issue. According to Joystiq , there are plenty of updates and info included in the ten-page exclusive, and here's a brief summary.

One of the first points of interest is the size of Liberty City. While each successive installment in the series has portrayed a larger world; the largest of which was the last in San Andreas , GTA IV will actually be smaller than SA, but "more densely populated." That's not bad news, though, considering the square mileage in SA was borderline insane.

The main character is Niko Bellic, who is only labeled as an "Eastern European" and is lured to Liberty City by a cousin's suspicious e-mails. The cousin, Roman, is apparently bragging about the modern-day "American Dream" that consists of two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is far more boring- Roman owns a rundown taxi depot and has gotten entangled in a "load of trouble." We assume Niko shows up to help, but much of the game's focus centers on his criminal activities…as if that's some kind of great shock.

As we all know by now, Liberty City resembles New York City, but of course, they've changed all the names. For example, the MetLife building is now the "Getalife" building (ha!), the Statue of Liberty is the "Statue of Happiness," and Manhattan is known as "Algonquin." The other four areas (Staten Island is left out) are Brooklyn ("Broker"), Queens ("Dukes"), Bronx ("Bohan"), and a section of New Jersey ("Alderney"). Well damn, no wonder it's "densely populated."

This particular issue of Game Informer is likely to sell quite well, wouldn't you think? And we'll keep you apprised of all new GTA IV details, info, and developments.

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