Media Molecule has caught everyone's attention with LittleBigPlanet , a multiplayer title specifically designed for the big PS3 endeavor, PlayStation Home . And now, it appears the team – not surprisingly – has a lot of praise for their chosen platform.

According to a recent interview with Develop Mag , the team further believes other studios are beginning to "get a good feel for the PS3" as well, and the system in general has an "insane quantity of power."

"We had soft body physics and things like that running early on because we got lots of other smaller things sorted out or decided before hand – and even with all that in place there’s still loads more headroom. The PS3 has this insane quantity of power, which seems to take a cloth simulator, and then lots more you want to throw at it. It’s just a really enjoyable machine to code for."

Technical Director Dave Smith went even further to say the platform was ideal for Media Molecule, which actually formed after a part-time independent PC game project. The members of Molecule were originally all with Lionhead, but now, they've "come to the PS3 without baggage," and said that if you "arrive with legacy code, it doesn't work." All in all, the team is happy with their selection, and are convinced the future is bright.

"The game itself sits with their strategy – but going with them meant the team could be focused. It all aligned really well. And that gives us a lot of confidence that we are with the right partner."

Without any doubt, LittleBigPlanet will be one of the more intriguing titles later on this year when Home launches, and if it's as fun as it looks, we'll probably be seeing more of Media Molecule on the PS3.

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