Such a sh**** night. Rainy, foggy, windy, cold. It's nights like these that gamers will often curl up with the one game that is, currently, their go-to title.

I'm not necessarily referring to the game you think is the "best;" i.e., the best game currently in your rotation, or what you believe should've gotten more awards in 2011.

I'm talking about that one game, regardless of critic or peer influence, that just somehow grabs you and keeps you playing. In some ways, you're not even sure why it happened. Maybe it's a genre you don't normally enjoy, maybe it's a game that didn't start out promising but somewhere along the way, something clicked in your head…or maybe it's just so much fun, there's no reason to analyze it.

Come on, what ya got? I'm almost embarrassed to say that right now, it's Final Fantasy XIII-2 . I almost can't dignify such a ridiculous statement with further elaboration. It's not a bad game – it really isn't; the 8.6 I gave it holds true – and they really did do a great deal to improve the gameplay and combat system this time around. But the story is sorta "meh" and in truth, I keep thinking I'm playing it for all the wrong reasons . "Wrong" in that this shouldn't be why I play a Final Fantasy title.

But nevertheless, there it is. Can't stop playing it. Just got Twilight Odin; gonna start maxing stuff. However, that being said, I should add that I really love the Vita and I've got a ton of games sitting here; I've done 7 reviews but just that many remain, and that doesn't include the downloadable vouchers I have. Oh, and I still need to deliver the Syndicate review and Capcom just told me Asura's Wrath is on the way. That, and I've got a chance to check out Journey this weekend.

So there's plenty to do. But right now, on a night like this, it just ends up being the go-to game… What's yours right now?