Yeah, we remember knowing about a secret game we weren't supposed to talk about for any reason. It's tough. But you can always tease!

Eurogamer's Johnny Minkley apparently got a look at a "top secret" title and now he's all sorts of excited. So excited, in fact, that he couldn't help but tease it at his Twitter page . He wouldn't give any details (definitely a smart move) but he assures everyone that it'll hit pretty hard. After saying he spent time with both Journey and the PlayStation Vita, he decided to talk about this mystery title:

"Amazing gaming week with Journey & Vita. But the top, top secret thing I saw t’other day… The internet will go bananas when it’s shown."

He added that it was an "annoying tweet" and he understand that, but he's just too excited to keep quiet. Now, this could be just about anything; it could be a title we believe is coming but hasn't been officially announced ( God of War IV , for example), or it could be something nobody expects. Personally, I kinda hope it's the latter.

But at least Minkley won't have to keep a lid on it for a full year and a half, as we did with Twisted Metal . Evidently, we should know all "soon." Any guesses? By the way, I'll be checking out Journey this weekend; stay tuned for more…can't wait.