Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure was a good game. Now, it's one of those kid manias that boggles the mind.

If you're unfamiliar, the core gimmick to the game is that you take a physical figurine of a particular character, place it on a platform, and the game reads the figure and drops that character into the game. It's basically just selecting a new character to run around with, only instead of doing it on the screen, you do it in the…well, the physical plane.

It's a great idea because of course, instead of just including all these characters in the game, the publisher (Activision, duh) can charge money for each new creature, 'cuz they're physical items. So, they can be purchased in packs of three or singly and unsurprisingly, they're pumping out more. The only problem is they didn't really make enough, and the craze is starting to get out of control. As spotted by Game Informer , rare Skylanders figurines are going for astronomical amounts at eBay.

In some cases, bidders are offering upwards of $1000 for these little plastic monsters. For instance, a collection of six rare gold and silver-hued toys flirted with that number, and most parents complain of being unable to find new characters in stores. Activision claims to have shipped 20 million toys in total to support the title but if you check retailers, they're usually out of the figurines. And this fall, get ready for Skylanders Giants , so the mania can continue.

Pokemon, eat your heart out.