The multiplatform announcements just keep coming. Although the PS3 has lost plenty of big-name exclusive titles ('cough' Devil May Cry 'cough'), more rumors of previously exclusive Xbox 360 games going to the PS3 continue to flow. One of the most recent isn't really even a rumor, as the latest Official Xbox Magazine is saying that Ace Combat 6 is a "timed exclusive."

Earlier announced as a full exclusive for the Xbox 360, it was another blow to Sony, as they had apparently lost a series that had sided with PlayStation for almost a decade. But a "timed exclusive" isn't really an "exclusive" at all, especially if the PS3 version turns out better. If the two versions had come out at the same time, we'd expect the games to be mostly identical, but with added time, they could make Ace Combat 6 better on the PS3. Look what happened with Oblivion ; given time, the PS3 version improved on some of the shortcomings of the 360 version.

But anyway, this appears somewhat official, so for now, we'll just assume it's correct. If not, we'll be quick to post up a correction.

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