Volition game designer Jameson Durall is working on a "secret project." But that project didn't get him in the news.

No, he sounded off on the controversial used video game market at the AltDevBlog in a post entitled, "I Feel Used." As most know, while GameStop makes millions off the sale and resale of games, game studios don't see a penny of used transactions. And Durall says if something doesn't change soon, the whole system could crumble.

"In the end, I fully believe that we have to do something about these issues or our industry is going to fall apart. People often don't understand the cost that goes into creating these huge experiences that we put on the shelves for only $60. They also don't seem to realize how much they are hurting us when they buy a used game and how pirating a copy is just plain stealing."

Durrall suggested that downloadable content could help combat the problem, as timely and valuable DLC would cause gamers to hold on to their copies longer. But he adds that such content has to be "compelling and a good enough value." He also supports the online pass program manufacturers like EA, THQ, and Sony utilize; the programs began in at attempt to get consumers to buy new copies. Said Durrall:

"Some consumers complain about this method because the precedent has always been that it's included in the price and should come with it. It did for the person who actually bought it first…so was saving that $5 at GameStop worth it for you?"

We've often said that gamers tend to be awfully dismissive of the amount of money required to produce certain titles these days. The idea that all developers are sitting in mansions sipping champagne is sadly false; the terrible truth of the matter is that it's a forbidding environment, and non-million sellers often barely make enough for the creators to break even. Used games aren't really helping, although we don't propose a solution.