After the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV hit the Internet, New York City officials were none too happy about the similarity of Liberty City to their hometown. However, that hasn't fazed Rockstar in the slightest, as they've apparently kicked off a massive marketing campaign. And as you can see, they're takin' it to the streets of NYC…big time.

Yep, that picture, courtesy of Kotaku , shows a giant ad for GTA IV slapped on the side of a building, and we've heard reports that many other ads of similar size and prominence are popping up all over the city. This probably shouldn't surprise anyone, but it might irritate those politicians and officials. Then again, since when does Rockstar shy away from the potential to offend a few people? Heck, it's kinda what they do .

Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled for October 16, and we all know just how big it's gonna be. Ads like these will undoubtedly make it even bigger, if that's humanly possible.

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