If you're wondering, the picture you see here is the teaser image Respawn Entertainment released last year. It's supposed to be from their new mystery project, but we don't feel like hurting our eyes. Take your best guess.

At any rate, we'll probably have to wait a bit longer before the secret title moves into the spotlight. According to GameSpot citing a French source, Respawn's long-awaited game will arrive "before March 2013."

"Two other previously unannounced titles" will supposedly launch before that month, if a leaked international marketing calendar is to be believed. The calendar in question belongs to EA Partners and covers the April 2012 – March 2013 period. As for Respawn, it was started by ex-Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West (we assume you remember the whole IW/Activision snafu), and as one big middle finger to their old publisher, Respawn signed with Activision rival EA.

Their game remains a mystery and all we've got is this blurry screenshot. The hot rumor is that it'll be a sci-fi FPS and may or may not support 3D. The FPS part makes sense; as most of you know, Infinity Ward is responsible for several huge Call of Duty titles this generation. Here's hoping Respawn spills the beans long before March 2013…