One part of you goes, "oh, come on." The other part goes, "…okay, this is sweet."

For the first time in a long time, the subject line of a press release made me do a double-take. "World's hardest videogame characters permanently engraved on a mountain." Crazy, right?

To celebrate the launch of Soul Calibur V , both Mitsurugi and Pyrrha have been engraved in granite on a mountain in Tanum, Sweden. As the release said, they'll be there "until the end of time." As for the "hardest videogame characters" part, the developers say this new installment is much more difficult than any previous entry…so they wanted a couple characters etched in stone to prove its toughness. Guess it'll be hard to beat Mitsurugi and Pyrrha.

Master Stone Engraver Göran Andersson from nearby Hunnebostrand did the work. He's actually the last remaining engraver on the Swedish west coast who does engravings in nature. His resume includes engravings for golden age movie star Ingrid Bergman and even kings of Norway and Sweden. Said Andersson:

"This is the by far most complex and detailed engraving I have ever performed. But it was very fun to do."

Furthermore, Namco Bandai turned to SavedInStone, who have engraved the same characters on their mountain close to a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's filled with Bronze Age stone carvings. The whole thing is just…surreal. And yes, I know you want pics but for some reason, our system wouldn't accept the ones we got, so check 'em out along with the press release.

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