Although EA posted a net loss of $205 million for the third fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2011, they posted the highest operating cash flow in 31 quarters. Not bad.

Plus, some of the publisher's biggest titles hit major sales milestones: according to their statement, Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 have topped 10 million sold worldwide, while Madden NFL 12 has surpassed 5 million. One of the company's acquisitions, PopCap, which they picked up last August, grew revenue 30% on a trailing 12-month basis, and the monthly users for its social games rose to 52 million. That's well up from 39 million recorded the previous year.

One distinction we'd like to point out: when a publisher uses the term "sold-through," the company is talking about copies of games actually sold to consumers. So they're not referring to shipped numbers, which means the above statistics are all the more impressive. Incidentally, most analysts believed BF3 could sell around 12 million in its life span, and that's not out of the realm of possibility based on these numbers.