As of April 1, there will be a new head honcho at Sony.

It has been announced that Kaz Hirai will take over as president and CEO of the electronics corporation on the first of April; the current president, Sir Howard Stringer, will move to his new position as chairman of the board of directors. Not too shabby.

Recently, we had seen evidence to support Hirai's promotion. In 2011, Kaz was promoted to executive deputy president in charge of the company's largest division, and Stringer stated that such a move would allow Sony to "judge his performance." Well, looks like he did well enough. As a bit of history, Hirai has been with Sony since 1984 when he joined their music division. He transferred to Sony Computer Entertainment America in 1995 and in 2006, he replaced Ken Kutaragi as SCEI president.

In other words, Hirai has part of all three PlayStation generations and has always been one heck of a spokesman for the brand. Congrats on the promotion, Kaz!