Action aficionados are anxiously awaiting Ninja Gaiden Sigma , 'cuz it's gonna be one smokin' title. Of course, we don't mean literally…but the game's director, Yosuke Hayashi, did mean it literally in a recent interview with Game Informer .

In the interview, Hayashi said that unlike Dead or Alive 4 's Itagaki, who somehow managed to blow up several Xbox 360s during development, Hayashi was only able to make the PS3 "smoke" with Ninja Gaiden Sigma .

"We’ve made a couple of devkits smoke, but we haven’t had any actually blow up yet [laughs]. As far as using the hardware to its fullest, there are a ton of examples, but it’s about approaching the process gradually. For instance, initially we didn’t think that we were going to be able to do as much as we have been able to, which is something good about the PS3, because we weren’t necessarily limited to what it says on paper."

One example of "not being limited to what it says on paper" was as follows: when the team started the project, they had assumed they'd only be able to use self-shadowing during cut-scenes. However, once they began the coding process, they realized they could produce cut-scenes in real-time, fully implemented throughout the game even in the midst of gameplay! Perhaps other developers will also find nifty new things to do with the PS3 hardware, despite the constant reports that most devs are either intimidated or just plain annoyed at the system's complex architecture.

But Hayashi also had something to say about that subject as well-

"I think all those developers who are saying, 'We don’t want to do a PS3 game,' or 'It’s really difficult to do it,' should shut up and make their games. If you have time to complain about it, then you should be spending your time working on getting the most from the hardware."

Well, damn. We certainly have to agree with that, Hayashi. It sounds like perfect logic to us. Lastly, the director dropped a very intriguing hint regarding the motion sensing capabilities of the PS3's Sixaxis controller. All we know is it will be utilized in a "unique" way, so it appears we'll just have to wait and see… In the end, though, it's good to hear that some developers are buckling down and accessing some of that hyped power in the PS3; power that so many other devs aren't as motivated to locate.

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