The transition and rebirth of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (originally dubbed "Metal Gear Solid: Rising") is well known, but here's another interesting tidbit:

According to a recent CNN interview , franchise creator Hideo Kojima said he actually canceled the project at one point in time.

"I canceled it. I made the decision. I just thought that nothing good would come out of this."

Kojima Productions shelved the project and turned their attention elsewhere, primarily because the younger team Kojima had assigned to the game just wasn't up to the challenge. "It was almost lost when they were making it," added Kojima. And it wasn't because of a lack of talent; it was simply due to a lack of expertise in the action genre. When the project was on hold, Kojima and Co. worked on the high-definition remakes of older titles, which eventually became the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection , an absolute must for long-time followers.

Lastly, Kojima had this to say about Revengeance :

"If this game becomes hugely successful and popular, then we might make it into a franchise."

And what do the fans have to say about that?

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