Wow, is this finally resolved?

We know it's gone multiplayer. We just didn't know if it would be on standard Blu-Ray or only available through the PlayStation Network. We've heard stories and supposed evidence for both, but now, it appears the answer itself is: both.

According to 1Up , Sony has said Warhawk will be sold as both a Blu-Ray disc and through the PlayStation Store. They didn't go into details regarding prices – will they cost the same? – but we'll assume for the sake of argument that they'll be the same game in either format.

Then again, perhaps they're only planning the most basic version for the download. Then, once we've gotten it, we go back online to pick up some extras, like weapons, maps, etc. Then again, maybe both versions will be the same, and we'd go online to download updates, regardless of which version we purchased. But either way, we're hoping this whole debate regarding the format is finished . Hallelujah.

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