Sony keeps insisting that the 20GB PS3 model remains in full production, and yet, more and more retailers continue to drop it from their inventory. The latest is Sony Style. According to Joystiq, the store hasn't had any in stock for quite a while, and the 20GB PS3 isn't even listed at . And when asked, Joystiq received the following reply:

"We haven't had it in stock for a month … We're not getting any more. You could maybe go out and find one."

And if you call any of the stores, you'll get a lot of the same responses. While the employees acknowledge that Sony hasn't officially discontinued the model, they simply say they haven't seen any in a "long time." At this point, it appears Sony Style has joined Best Buy – who stopped carrying the lower-end PS3 last month – as places consumers cannot find a 20GB PS3.

Rumors of a new PS3 with an 80GB hard drive continue to fly, especially with the release of the Xbox 360 Elite, and this kind of news only fuels such rumors. Sony's official stance on the matter is that retailers simply order what they need, and Sony provides it. If the store doesn't want any 20GB PS3s, Sony doesn't ship any. But at this rate, what would be the point of keeping it? They lose more money for Sony than the 60GB version, anyway. How many more retailers will drop the lower-end PS3 before Sony pulls the plug?

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