David Jaffe likes to put himself in front of the camera every now and then, and when he does, it's always worth watching. Trust us.

His latest vid is a good half-hour in length – see it below – and he has a lot to say about…well, a lot of things. But he eventually gets around to talking about various topics related to Twisted Metal , including the now-mandatory PSN Pass, the upcoming demo, and a day-one patch the team has planned.

Jaffe says he's sort of torn about online passes as he tends to support the idea. However, he didn't want it in his game, as he feels it adds another level of restriction that TM really doesn't need. Still, as he says, "it's Sony's game" and as they funded it, the PSN Pass really wasn't Jaffe's call. As for the patch, they wanted to fix a few things; specifically, the fact that the "Sixaxis Slam" (shaking the controller does more damage with a vehicle ram) was just too effective.

Here's the "epic-ass" ramble: