Okay, so we didn't get it last year. Good things come to those who wait.

One of our most anticipated games of 2012 is Twisted Metal , which is bound to generate plenty of excitement on Valentine's Day. And that's because, as simply announced at the Eat Sleep Play Twitter feed , the long-awaited entry has gone gold! Oh man, we can't wait .

Initially slated for an October 4 launch, David Jaffe and Co. needed more time to refine and polish; the boss man specifically said the game wasn't ready last fall. Now the lights are green across the board and it's time to hit the blood-spattered streets of TM once more! There is no Collector's Edition but remember, first-run copies of the game will include the PS2 classic, Twisted Metal: Black , at no extra charge. It's a damn good game even today.

And just because it was so freakin' cool, just to get you pumped up (if you need the extra boost), here's that E3 2010 announcement commercial: