Sort of an unusual week in hardware sales. While the Nintendo
DS continues to be the sales leader, it's nowhere near its
standard 100k mark. For the week of March 26th – April 1st, the
Nintendo DS took in 80k sold. We're going to chalk up the poor
sales due to a lack of supply, which has been frequently plauging
the DS. Likewise, performance of the Wii dwindled down, as well.
The Wii sold 51k consoles, which may also be due to lack of
supply. The PSP remains firmly in its 40k region, with 39k
handhelds moved. The worst part of this news is that the PS2
outsold the PS3. Quite frankly, the PS3's numbers just aren't
very attractive, and with big drought in software for the next
2-3 months, expect to see consistently poor performance from the
console in Japan.

Nintendo DS 79,897
Nintendo Wii 51,365
Sony PSP 39,077
Sony PS2 17,787
Sony PS3 16,889
Xbox 360 3,889

March 19th-25th:

Nintendo DS – 130,684
Nintendo Wii – 75,571
Sony PSP – 41,546
Sony PS3 – 20,459
Sony PS2 – 16,961
Xbox 360 – 3,492

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