Ninja Gaiden III is slated to drop on March 20, and die-hard fans of the fleet-footed assassin will want to go all out.

And in this case, going all out involves picking up the recently revealed Collector's Edition. It allows you to appreciate something beyond the all-new online multiplayer (both co-op and competitive) and single-player modes; it lets you drag in the swag!

This attractive bundle (cue the melodramatic "Price is Right" showcase music) boasts the official soundtrack, the Ninja Gaiden III "Unmask" Art Book, a Duel of the Masked figurine, and most importantly, a downloadable voucher for the Dead or Alive 5 premium edition Alpha "Scramble" stage demo. Yep, you'll get to try the new DoA installment if you pick up the NGIII Collector's Edition. Fighting fans might think that's worth it…

This particular package will run you $99.99, which is pretty standard. Of course, given the fact that so many big releases have Collectors or Limited Editions available, gamers who aren't inherently wealthy will have to be selective. Is this one of the CEs you have on your radar?

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