By now, you probably know the whole saga:

Kojima Productions works on a game called "Metal Gear Solid: Rising," which supposedly features a blend of fast action and stealth elements. It disappears for a while (a long while) and when it resurfaces, it's in development at Platinum Games ( Bayonetta , Vanquish ), the team Kojima personally selected to complete work on the project. Oh, and it has a new name, too- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance .

The "Solid" is probably gone to remind long-time MGS fans that this is not a legitimate entry in the legendary franchise. It's a spin-off; that has been made clear. Something else has been made plain, too; just check out Andriasang . After telling us Revengeance will actually be playable at E3 this year, Platinum CEO Tetsuya Minami revealed the following-

"The stealth component is the first thing Platinum tossed out from the game when taking over the project."

Now, bear in mind that Kojima agreed to this, as his staff agreed that the high-octane action elements and stealth just didn't mix well. Therefore, you had two choices: let Kojima Productions finish it with both the action and the stealth, or give it to Platinum, who would remove the stealth entirely. Which would you have preferred, given the chance to choose?

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