It seemed a little strange that GameStop got up the Rock Band listings so quickly, and now, Harmonix is denying the posted prices. Good thing, too, because the Rock Band experience was lookin' awfully pricey. If you had planned to buy everything, it would've cost you over $300…and that's just plain absurd.

But according to 1Up , one of the game's representatives wanted to make it clear that those prices aren't written in stone. In fact, as it turns out, they haven't even decided on prices or packaging just yet, so it appears GameStop kinda jumped the gun on this one.

"Let me nip this one in the bud right now," the employee said. "Those are estimated prices and not official in any even remote way. We haven't even decided on prices ultimately, much less announced them."

Of course, the actual pricing might not be too much cheaper, considering the accessories in question, but we'd like to think we don't have to shell out three hundred bucks just to play the game. There are some seriously avid rhythm/music fans out there, but even they might balk at such an investment.

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