The comparisons are probably inevitable, despite the decade-long gap.

We haven't seen a Twisted Metal on consoles since Twisted Metal: Black rocked our socks back in 2001. And with David Jaffe and Co. ready to launch the reboot (let's face it; that's what it is) on February 14, it's a hot topic of conversation at Jaffe's Twitter page . And in regards to how the new title stacks up to Black , Jaffe said:

"I liked TMB a lot and I think this game- in campaign and MP- is about 1000 times better than TMB. But I am biased, of course:)!"

He also dishes on a few gameplay-related details; just check out the Tweets. But another point of interest shows up in his most recent Tweet; it involves the rumors that THQ might be on the auction block:

"Dear Gaming Gods: If THQ really is for sale, please let someone buy it and hire me to run it creatively. Kthx!"

Now wait a minute, Dave…didn't you just start up your own studio? What gives? Well, at any rate, we'll have to see what happens with THQ and by the way, if you never played TM Black, it's included in all the first-run copies of Twisted Metal . Jaffe himself made the announcement .

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