The PlayStation Store has scored another big update, as this set of additions consists of plenty of big names. Perhaps you've heard of titles like Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto …? Well, you'll certainly get some fun stuff if you log on to the Store today.

First and foremost, that GTA IV HD teaser trailer that just recently debuted is now available online for your viewing pleasure, so if you haven't gotten the chance to see it yet, you can easily download it on your PS3. Next up is the Gran Turismo HD Concept upgrade to version 1.2, which features top 10 worldwide rankings for each car and mode, plus the bonus addition of force feedback steering wheel support!

And lastly, we've got a playable demo of the recently released Armored Core 4 , and several new movie trailers; "Are We Done Yet?", "Perfect Stranger," and "Stardust." All kinds of good stuff to check out, so head on over to the Store and set aside some downloadin' time.

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