EGM's April issue is already causing a stir, primarily because a rumor is circulating regarding the possibility of a Final Fantasy XIII demo for the PlayStation Network this year. A recent scan of the EGM page in question, found at , reveals the following:

"Xbox Live may be the download hotspot this spring (thanks in large part to the Halo 3 multiplayer demo), but late this year the honor will go to the PlayStation Network. We hear that Square Enix will release a demo of its highly anticipated role-playing game via Sony's online marketplace. Now that's one helluva season greeting."

But if we dig a little further, we can't seem to find any official source; Square-Enix themselves say no such thing. Nomura has gone on record stating the game certainly won't be released in 2007, but a demo is "possible," provided they're far enough along in the development process. So is this recent bit of news an update? Can we now assume the team is "far enough along," and the demo really is on the way?

Well damn, we sure hope so.

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