It's definitely a sweeter deal, now.

Barely more than two weeks after the PS3 launched in the UK, is reducing the system price by £25 (about $50), and to add to the appeal, they're throwing in a free HDMI cable and a Blu-Ray copy of funny-man Adam Sandler's Click . You can snag the whole set for a very reasonable price of £399.99, which should serve to increase the falling sales of the PS3 after the record-breaking launch.

It's unlikely if we'll see other price cuts in the region, though. At the current time, the machine has only been out two weeks, and both Sony and retailers are reportedly satisfied with its performance so far. It's approaching 200,000 units sold in the region, and while it's only slowly climbing after selling 165,000 over the launch weekend, the big software titles aren't out yet. Therefore, it's no surprise that one retailer is offering a bit more in the way of incentive, but it probably won't spread to the brick-and-mortar stores just yet.

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