So many fans have wanted another Shenmue installment for so long.

It doesn't appear to be happening, but it seems the franchise's creator wants at least some control over the IP. What he would do with it seems obvious- he wants to make another adventure in the Shenmue universe.

Shenmue guru Yu Suzuki told Shenmuemaster (as cited at Eurogamer ) that he's interested in obtaining the license from Sega. The publisher technically owns the IP but he could purchase the license for publishing rights. Suzuki spoke more about what we could expect from Shenmue 3 , if the project were ever to exist.

He also added:

"So far we are only at Shenmue 2. I developed the story until chapter 11. It's in this sequel that the part of Shenmue I care about most is hidden."

The guy clearly wants to do something more with this series. It has been nearly a decade since we saw Shenmue 2 and ever since then, there have been rumors about a third installment but nothing has happened. It reminds us a lot of all the "Chrono Break" talk…a lot of talk, but nothing materialized, much to the disappointment of many.

We're sure the Shenmue fans don't want Suzuki to go out like that…