People are taking a closer look at the UK's gaming community in recent years, and especially recently after the PS3's record-breaking showing in the region. And as it turns out, the UK tends to side with American-made titles.

Today, Develop Magazine has released their "Develop 100" list, which ranks developers in regards to how well their products sold in the UK. American developers are leading the pack with a revenue of $681 million, UK studios comes in a solid second at $457 million, then come Canadian developers at $366.5 million, and the Japanese developers – perhaps surprisingly – are in last place at $341 million.

Of course, if EA wasn't at the top of the list, something would be horribly wrong. Well, everything is right, as EA Canada claims the top spot for the third year in a row. Remember, they're responsible for the likes of FIFA , and the UK is just slightly more interested in soccer than we are. And all of EA's multiplatform titles certainly help to solidify their position every year.

Topping the local list of UK developers was Traveller's Tales, a studio that created the LEGO games (the latest, The Original Trilogy , sold over $12 million last year). We just don't know if all this info is good or bad news for the PS3, but we do believe it doesn't mean nearly as much this generation. Why? The fact that multiplatform games are apparently the rule of the game world now, and exclusives simply don't play as big of a role. Either way, though, the UK's gaming interests remain fairly consistent.

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