EA's Syndicate reboot looks awfully promising.

And in the latest video, we catch a glimpse of one of the game's most appealing features: four-player co-op.

Thomir Darius, Emma Thalos, Akuma, and Aidan Fall each have their own unique set of skills, and each will prove their worth on the battlefield. We love to see a bit of strategy in shooters, and this one will require that a team work together by utilizing each character's special skillsets to conquer various obstacles. No ally is ever useless!

The concept and style is very slick, and we should be able to expect a pretty interesting single-player campaign as well. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about this reboot but amid the heavy hitters of 2012, its visibility might suffer… As such, Syndicate could be a huge sleeper hit.

Stay tuned for more gameplay details as they become available.

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