There's no downloadable game we want more in 2012. Thatgamecompany's Journey sits at the top of our digital priority list.

And whenever a member of the development team is willing to talk about the project, we're willing to listen. At CVG , Robin Hunicke talks about the inspiration(s) behind Journey , and their goals in regards to immersion and the overall experience.

Hunicke said they've looked to From Software ( Demon's Souls , Dark Souls ) when trying to innovate on a grand scale. "There's a lot of interesting work to be done in asynchronous but reflexive gameplay," Hunicke said. Then came the question concerning the team's intention to "create new feelings." Hunicke replied:

"The guiding light for this has been to create a human connection for that time when you're playing with a stranger – to take away the anxiety about performance. Journey is an opportunity for people to play in a safe way, which embraces the fact there are strangers and embraces the fact they may not even know the world in the same way. That feeling of connection and smallness is what we focused on for most of the project."

Hunicke finished by saying that "life is short and you should do what you believe in – I believe you should work on things that make the world a better place." That's not only a unique viewpoint; it's also a risky one in this business where violence tends to sell extremely well. And we have to applaud Thatgamecompany for sticking to their artistic guns and doing what they do best.

We can't wait to go on a Journey .

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Metal Head
Metal Head
10 years ago

I will support this game even though I have to download it. I'm a little confuse about the human connection issue. Because we humans can be the most cruel and at the same time the most amazing creatures on earth. I'm glad that developers are inspire by games like Demons Souls,Ico,Shadow Of The Colossus, That are not afraid to try something different. Violence will always sell,(GTA) is the perfect example. I don't care if it fails, is on my most wanted list now.

10 years ago

What amazes me is the fact that no matter how much I've heard about this game, I have yet to take a look into it. I continue to hear about how everyone can't wait for the game, yet I haven't even glanced at it once. I've meant to take a look at it, but hadn't the time to. Well, today was the day. Lets just say, count me in.

10 years ago

another to put on the want but cant have list.
some of us dont live in japan with unlimited download usages you know?
i wish companies would do more classic hits versions, bring 2 or 3 of the most popular DL games onto a single disk!
ends up being cheaper for the consumer, the manufacture just made a sale and more future sales, and the consumer has something to trade in later on!