It's New Year's Eve. It's time to party. It's time to kiss someone when the ball drops. But oh no, you spent a little too much time with one particular game, and now you're stuck with nothing but…well, that game.

Essentially, we're talking about the 5 games in 2011 that could drain your free time away better than other titles. The games that kept you up late, that had you calling in sick, that made the sound of a ringing phone mind-numbingly annoying. Yes, being a PlayStation-centric site, we're limiting the list to games that are available on PlayStation platforms. So no Android or Wii-only or stuff like that. We imagine such an all-inclusive list would be quite different right? Well, make your own list then.

Anyway, here you go; the games that may as well have been chick repellent in 2011.

5. inFamous 2

I'm really not sure why, but this might have been the most addictive game of the year for me. Although I maintain that it has a few problems that drops it from the elite ranks, it was one of those titles that kept me playing for a really long time. You know the feeling; i.e., "gotta do one more mission…just one more mission." This is more of a personal selection, although I have heard similar claims from other gamers.

4. LittleBigPlanet 2

It launched early in the year but when it did, swarms of dedicated and creative gamers dove in and haven't looked back. If you look up some of the more impressive user-generated levels in LBP2, you'll be blown away with what has been made; some of these fans are die-hard designers, aren't they? And it all takes a tremendous amount of time and imagination; you can't help but be impressed. Oh, and maybe certain girls don't think grown men should be playing with…you know, dollies.

3. Dark Souls

Much like its predecessor, Demon's Souls , this game was more than capable of erasing entire weekends. Speed runs are almost common, and those who find themselves immersed in the ultra-challenging world of Dark Souls don't break free for a while . There are ardent defenders of the game and it seems like every last one of 'em must've passed up at least one social event during their obsession stages. No offense intended at all; it's what great games tend to do.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (multiplayer)

I've heard of people forgetting what the sun looks and feels like when they get involved in extended MW3 multiplayer sessions. I've heard of some unfortunate gamers suffering from malnutrition and sleep disorders due to MW3. …okay, the latter is an exaggeration but not by much. For a multitude of reasons, MW3 online remains the go-to choice for a great many, and that community is loaded with those who forget time exists when they're hunting for their next kill.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There can only be one game that made you forget reality for so long. It just keeps going and going and going … The outside world? Meh, only the pizza guy has to walk through it to make his deliveries at your door. And come New Year's Eve, there are plenty of virtual females in Skyrim and none of them require copious amounts of alcohol to become more cooperative. Worse yet, it only just released in November; maybe not long enough for the hardcore RPG lovers to get their fill.

The bottom line is that Skyrim is expansive and enveloping and you might never escape. Ball? What ball? So what if it dropped? Look at the loot this dude just "dropped!"