Alan Wake remains one of our favorite games of the generation, and one PS3 owners wish they had .

Remedy is working on a new title for the Xbox Live Arcade, and they just announced they'll be bringing the original to PC. But what about Sony's console?

Still no dice, according to a post in the Alan Wake community forums . Remedy is self-publishing the PC version and they own the brand, but Microsoft still owns the publishing rights. Here's the post in question:

"I would like to make it clear that Microsoft funded the production of the first Alan Wake game, and while they were happy for Remedy to now self-publish on PC it is highly unlikely they would want to see the game on a competing console. While we do own the Alan Wake brand, Remedy doesn't have rights to publish THE Alan Wake on PS3. And technically it would be significantly more difficult to do than the PC version."

Yeah, we understand. If you don't have the Xbox 360, you should definitely consider playing the PC version when it arrives early next year. Alan Wake is suspenseful, well-written, and nicely paced. We're definitely looking forward to the new entry, even if it's not coming to Sony's console.