Harmonix just recently announced Rock Band , and it appears we already have prices on the upcoming peripherals. Remember, the game calls for four separate tools, and we were all wondering if they'd be sold separately or if there'd be an all-in-one packaging. MTV's Jeff Yapp wouldn't confirm either/or yesterday.

However, GameStop apparently knows the score. They've posted up a listing for the game and accessories, and as you can see, it looks like we'll have to buy the peripherals piecemeal. They list the Drum Set and Wireless Guitar for $79.99 each (for both PS3 and Xbox 360), and one wired version of the guitar for $59.99. But you'll notice the game itself is priced at the standard $59.99, which means it doesn't include those fancy peripherals.

A Harmonix representative told IGN that they weren't at liberty to talk about pricing or packaging just yet, so it might be a while before we can confirm those listings as fact. GameStop/EB often creates listings like these to secure pre-orders well ahead of time, and while the existence of the products themselves is usually correct, the prices and release dates aren't always accurate early on. So while it looks like the full Rock Band experience will cost a pretty penny, we'll have to wait for the official word before making that judgment.

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