Our European friends might be getting one heck of a four-way deal. Or two, actually.

One source says Sony will release a Quattro Platinum Pack that contains four of the most successful PlayStation 3 exclusives ever.

The pack contains Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , Gran Turismo 5 , Killzone 3 , and God of War 3 and will evidently hit store shelves on January 27, 2012 and hold a price tag of 82.99 Euros. Another bundle featuring LittleBigPlanet 2 , MotorStorm: Apocalypse , Gran Turismo 5 , and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has also been spotted, so you might be able to have your pick. Of course, if you haven't played just about all the games involved here, we say you're not much of a gamer. Oh, don't get all bent out of shape; the point is, we're talking about some of the finest titles of the generation.

No news on whether or not such packages will find their way to North America. Chances are, they won't.

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10 years ago

not really worth it.
each of those can be found for 30 bucks each, which if my memory is right is about 20 euros.
ive never really liked these packs even if they are slightly cheaper, simply because your stuck into getting all 4.
what if you already have 1 or more of those games?
instead stores should let you pick your 4 for a set price.
just wasteful picking up a pack with games you already have or dont want to save a few bucks on others.

10 years ago

I have noticed these packs popping up reccently we laread yhave some of the 2 uncharted games and Resistance games. instores they're a bit much but the prices online are worth it especially if anyone hasn't even touched these games yet.

10 years ago

This pack is great for someone like me; I ONLY buy the best of the best and end up getting 5 games a year, max. I don't have alot of money to spend on games…

That said, I've bought every single one of them 🙂 Heh… :/

Last edited by Ludicrous_Liam on 12/30/2011 7:08:48 AM