It's starting to become the worst-kept secret in gaming.

Despite the lack of an official confirmation, more evidence continues to arise that Blizzard is working on a console iteration of Diablo III . The best we've had from the developer is the encouraging statement that the upcoming sequel "is probably coming to consoles."

But as more times passes, it's less like "probably" and more like "definitely." The Internet is a-buzz with another job sighting at Gamasutra …it's pretty obvious. Blizzard is looking for a Console Network Senior Software Engineer, and the successful applicant will be "responsible for ensuring the best implementation of sophisticated networking systems on consoles." See, there's that word again: "consoles."

Blizzard seems reluctant to make the confirmation but at this rate, we have to assume Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is a given. However, we do wonder when the console version will actually release. How long will we have to wait after the launch of the PC version…? They won't be ready for a simultaneous release for all targeted platforms, will they?