Got a new PlayStation 3 for Christmas? Have you owned the PS3 for some time, but still don't have some key accessories?

Well, the time is now to pounce on some discounted peripherals for Sony's console. As revealed at the PlayStation Blog , it's time for "Play Days," a promotion where select PS3 accessories are up to 50% cheaper.

Major retailers like GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Fry's, and more are involved, so you should be able to find these promotional prices just about anywhere PS3 accessories are sold. This promotion will run through January 21 and if you click through the link above, you'll see the full list of discounted items.

All sorts of PlayStation Move stuff is cheaper, including $20 off the new bundle featuring Sports Champions and Deadmund's Quest ($79.99 down from $99.99), and another $20 off the PlayStation 3D Glasses ($49.99 down from $69.99) and the wireless keypad ($49.99 down to $29.99). It's great because nobody really likes to buy accessories all the time, especially when most aren't essential. Many would rather use that money on new games, you know? It's all about priorities.

So it's great to have a sale like this. Take advantage while you can.