Well, it was bound to happen, especially when the best software isn't available quite yet. After shattering the launch sales records a few weeks ago in the UK, the PS3 has dropped significantly after the initial success. Chart Track for the region points to an 82% drop in sales: from the record 165,000 units over the launch weekend to only 29,700 systems sold for the following week.

Sony said they shipped 220,000 units for the launch, allowing plenty of people to pick up a console without being forced to have a pre-order. The strategy has worked so far, as they managed to break a record and keep enough systems on shelves. But at least for the week after, about half of those systems remain on shelves; Sony has sold 54% of their remaining PS3 stock. Almost exactly three-quarters of the PS3 stock sold over launch weekend, which meant that 55,000 were still around going into the first full week, and 29,700 of those have sold.

Obviously, systems don't sell anywhere near as well in the weeks after as they do in comparison to the insanity surrounding the launch. We'll just have to wait until the games start to flow before Sony and everyone else can accurately assess the system's popularity in Europe.

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